Alpine Access for Skiers

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You are an extreme skier or snowboarder? This course is designed to help you develop all the necessary alpine skills for exanding your horizon of access in the mountains. You will learn to tackle short sections of alpine terrain – exposed snow & mixed ridges, rock bands, snow cornices, slopes above 45° and more

Rila/Pirin, Bulgaria
2 days

This is a training program that will expand your horizon in the mountains and enable you to choose lines that have previously been out of reach. The course consist of two levels. Each level can be taken independently and requires 2 days. 

Level 1 will provide you with knowledge to:

  • Use alpine equipment most efficiently
  • Establish anchor points on rock, snow and ice and lower a friend or abseil yourself with or without specialized equipment
  • Use crampons and ice axe to self arrest and belay

Level 2 will provide you with more advanced technics:

  • How to fix a line over an exposed section and how to move on it
  • How to manage a roped party over a ridge or glaciated terrain
  • How to deal with the inherent dangers and the possible emergency situations

The itinerary depends on the current snow and weather conditions. The days required to go over the material depend on the number of participants and their learning curve. It varies between 1 -2 days for LEVEL 1 and  1 – 2 days for LEVEL 2.

Level 1 Topics

  • Short lecture on the involved climbing equipment
  • Walking with crampons on different angles and snow
  • Self arrest with and without ice axe / ski poles
  • Short practice on knots
  • Anchors in snow and ice
  • Abseiling with and without harness
  • Belaying on steep slopes

Level 2 Topics

  • Roping for glacier travel
  • Crevasse rescue and self rescue technics
  • Roping and belaying on snow, mixed & corniced ridges
  • Rope fixing for exposed sections
  • Short lecture on snow bivouacs
  • Basic of avalanche safety

All items marked with * can be rented from the guide


  • Skis / Snowboard / Splitboard
  • Skins
  • Collapsible ski poles
  • Ski boots
  • Crampons compatible with the ski boots*
  • Classical ice axe*
  • Climbing / glacial travel harness*
  • Climbing / ski helmet*
  • Glasses / ski mask
  • 30l backpack
  • Shovel, probe and beacon*


  • Warm jacket
  • Shell jacket
  • Shell pants
  • Winter base layer
  • Hat/Buff
  • Thin 5 finger sturdy gloves
  • Mitts


  • Thermos
  • Sunscreen & lip protection
  • Headlamp
  • Snacks
  • Personal items: prescription medicine; contact lenses; blister kit; maintenance equipment etc.

Guest House Lodging

  • Spare socks, underwear, clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Ear plugs 
  • Phone charger


  • 1 person: 170 EUR/day
  • 2 people: 130 EUR/day
  • 3 people: 100 EUR/day
  • 4 people: 80 EUR/day
  • 5 people: 70 EUR/day
  • 6 people: 60 EUR/day

*The prices cover the guiding fee. Yours and the guide’s expenses for logistics and accommodation are on you.

* The prices may vary based on the length of the course and the specific topics tailored for your personal preferences.


Having an insurance is mandatory for the booking. You must be insured for your chosen activity and the cover must include medical expenses, personal accident, personal liability, third party risks and rescue (including helicopter rescue). You are strongly advised also to opt for coverage against cancellations and curtailment as the outdoor activities are strongly dependent of constantly changing meteorological conditions


All programs of Vertical Vector are led by IFMGA mountain guides with substantial experience in the fields of skiing, climbing & mountaineering


During the program we will sleep at the 7 Mountain Lakes hut. It offers good food; individual, double or shared rooms; a bar and showers

Getting There

We can pick you up from Sofia airport or meet you directly at the hut or the lift. The hut is accessed by a lift or by an hour and a half hike.


Cancelation by the client prior to the trip

If you book your Tour more than 30 days in advance, you will have a 48-hour span after booking to cancel and receive a full refund without any deductions. After that period of time, if you decide to cancel the Tour, you will have the possibility to do so in accordance with the following indemnity scheme (refunded or to be paid depending on whether the payment was made and received) plus covering the non-reimbursable expenses the Guide paid to organize the Tour.

  • 100% refunded (or 0% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to the Guide up to 60 days before the first day of the Tour.
  • 75% refunded (or 25% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to the Guide between 59 and 30 days before the first day of the Tour.
  • 50% refunded (or 50% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to the Guide between 29 and 21 days before the first day of the Tour.
  • 0% refunded (or 100% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to the Guide less than 21 days before the first day of the Tour.

Cancelation by the guide prior to the trip

If the guide receives injury, illness or is somehow unable to attend and also to find a replacement, he will reimburse the full amount of money invested by the client in the form of advance payment and other expenses like hut bookings. However the Guide would not cover your transportation costs (booked flight tickets, car rental, etc.) You are strongly advised to insure such investments.

Trip cancelation due to external circumstances

  • In case of possible bad weather or unsuitable conditions recognized up to 7 days prior the trip, the guide will:
    Propose a similar or different activity in line with the weather/conditions possibilities. If you refuse this option you will receive 0% refund.
  • If similar activity is impossible and cancelation occurs, the guide is to be paid the minimum daily fee (380EUR) for each day canceled.

Trip cancelation on terrain

In case of unexpected or unforeseen weather / terrain conditions or client skill deficiency, the Guide keeps the right to cancel the trip in order to guarantee safety. In this case you will receive 0% refund unless the Guide offers you otherwise. If there is mutual agreement of cancelation due to bad weather the day before the guide is to be paid the minimum daily fee for each day canceled.

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